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Marine Phytoplankton

MarinaSpring® at the edge of the natural area The Atlantic Ocean across Europe



Our MarinaSpring® phytoplankton is derived from Europe and it’s cultivated with the highest quality marine phytoplankton from an ancient sea water source (Pleistocene) which is free of heavy metals, radicals and contamination. Our quality assurance begins by growing the phytoplankton from selected food grade nutrients under HACCP based ISO22000 and GMP certified. Our facilities are fully compliant and are comprised of bioreactors that are under the supervision of qualified scientists and are made with zero additives (fillers, colors, preservatives) and are totally organic, non-GMO.

Our facilities also include a research lab and quality assurance / compliance department which oversees each batch and test for highest purity and concentration. Our team of scientists and researchers are dedicated to continually adding to our knowledge base and discoveries in the benefits of this myriad of nutrients and detoxifying factors which improve life longevity, aid in the prevention of disease and free radicals in human, animal and plant physiology. One of many important nutrients in our MarinaSpring® phytoplankton is “alpha tocopherols” which reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, cataracts and improve fertility in men and ultimately health & vitality.

Women with hormonal imbalances, especially after having children may also benefit in the sense of re- balancing estrogen levels and also assisting in metabolism and weight control. An overall sense of happiness and vitality can also be expected.

MarinaSpring® phytoplankton is comprised of an all-natural balance of sea minerals and nutrients which are vital to sustaining a healthy life. Not only is it considered a whole food packed with vitamins and essential minerals, MarinaSpring® phytoplankton also contains SOD (superoxide dismutase) which has been researched as being a top antioxidant able to remove free radicals and assist in providing nutrients at the cellular level. As such, it also aides in the healing process and quite effectively. Moreover, benefits may include the balancing of high cholesterol, blood, sugar level, cardiovascular, energy, and strength as it is abundant in protein (40 % +/-) and bcaa’s. Skin conditions such as psoriasis, scaly skin and lesions will also benefit especially if mixed with distilled water and applied topically.

Facial masks have also been applied with MarinaSpring® phytoplankton as it is very beneficial to skin, hair and nails.  Joint pain and muscle pain relief can also be experienced if taken consistently.  Improved heart rate and rhythm can also be attributed albeit a healthy lifestyle is followed. Also, phytoplankton is a great source of EPA’s that contribute to memory and cognitive abilities.

It is in fact, one of the most important foods on the planet and provides 90% of the air we breathe.  Providing life to all the oceans, you can imagine that MarinaSpring® phytoplankton serves as a source of life and energy applicable to human and mammal diets in order to maintain an optimal state of being.  We all know the markets created in GMO, non-GMO spaces, organic and agro-chemical while our goal is to explore the same market with a different approach that places humanity and a conscious state of health as a constant.  If labels are applied today that weren’t their yesterday, is it logical to question what the differences are in their quality and how these differences affect our individual and personal health and life?

Can there be a change in our health or a lack of nutrients as in a loss of chlorophyll in vegetables, for example. MarinaSpring® phytoplankton eliminates any concern of loss of important nutrients as it has proven to maintain the oceans lifeline from the beginning of time.  Acidity, oxidative stress and toxicity are all markers for disease and low immunity.  A proper diet and exercise along with the building blocks of MarinaSpring phytoplankton can ensure you stay in the race.

Please refer to our nutritional datasheet for a complete breakdown of all nutrients in our MarinaSpring® phytoplankton.

About MarinaSpring® Marine Phytoplankton

What You Need To Know

Premium quality MarinaSpring® phytoplankton: Nannochloropsis gaditana

MarinaSpring® phytoplankton is the unique whole-food diet supplement for every-day consumption for a healthy life and complete nutritional body care. It is by far the best Omega 3 -EPA source available on our planet.

Phytoplankton provides us with these Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA) – and much more!

Phytoplankton is the basis of our food chain. It contains an impressive array of nutrients that feed our body and strengthen body functions. It is especially rich in Omega 3-EPA in a supreme bioavailable form. According to recent studies the majority of people are deficient in Omega 3 – EPA. EPA is important, because this healthy fat affects many parts of our biochemistry and is essential to optimal body and brain health.

Characteristics of MarinaSpring® Phytoplankton

• Whole-food supplement full of nutrients for a complete nutritional body care Sustainable 100% vegan source of high bio-effective Omega 3 EPA

• Unrefined, no additives, all pure and natural

Who should use MarinaSpring® phytoplankton?

MarinaSpring® phytoplankton is the whole food all people should use to supplement their daily meals. It provides all essential fatty and amino acids, minerals, anti-oxidants, vitamins and more that your body needs to recover or stay fit. Our MarinaSpring® phytoplankton is unique and a vegetarian source of the essential fatty acid EPA. It is the best EPA available in any health supplement.

Elderly will benefit from the strong anti-inflammatory effects of MarinaSpring® phytoplankton. It helps the joints stay flexible and promotes gut health. It has a pro-biotic effect; it improves bowel movement and supports recovery after illness and medication treatment.

People with demanding jobs or students under stressful situations will benefit from MarinaSpring® phytoplankton. It supports proper brain function and reduces mental stress. The unique high bio-effective EPA support a healthy heart and blood pressure.

People during weight loss or recovering after medication treatment will benefit from the detox effect of MarinaSpring® phytoplankton. It contains 80+ minerals and numerous anti-oxidants. Moreover, all people will have health benefit from regular detox with our MarinaSpring® phytoplankton

MarinaSpring® phytoplankton nutritional profile

• Omega-3 EPA in phospholipid form, which gives superior bio-availability and bio-effectivity compared to fish oil All essential amino acids

• Chlorophyll and other antioxidants, such as beta-carotene, zeaxanthin and violaxanthin, to remove free radicals from your body

• Enzyme Super-oxide-dismutase (SOD) which is the most powerful antioxidant known Vitamins, 80+ minerals and Iodine

Food Quality

The MarinaSpring® product line offers the purest and highest quality marine micro algae. It is grown in water that is extracted from an ancient subterranean seawater well which is totally free of modern pollution.

All MarinaSpring® products are produced and designed in the United State of America and packed in The Netherlands with ISO22000 food quality certification. This ensures a supply of world’s best quality marine phytoplankton